How to Use Bot Commands

Bot commands empowers you to quickly take action upon a user or message through slash commands.

Admins are allowed to do all of these commands, however, regular users with non-administrative privileges can only use a subset of the commands listed here. For commands related to Karma Points checkout this page.

Group Actions

  • /updateadmins
    • Updates the status of administrators and creators in the group in the dashboard and for bot actions.

User Actions

Reply directly to a message or @mention the user to take action upon a user.

  • /warn reason
    • Set number of warnings in the Anti-Spam module before permanently muting or banning.
  • /unwarn reason
    • Resets a user's warnings to 0.
  • /mute @username duration reason
    • Mutes a user. If duration is specified, the user will be unmuted after the duration period.
  • /unmute @username
    • Unmutes a user.
  • /ban @username duration reason
    • Bans a user. If a duration is specified, the user will be unbanned after the duration period. 
  • /unban @username
    • Unbans a user.
  • /whitelist @username
    • Whitelists a user. Whitelisted users are not subject to any restrictions set in the anti-spam settings. 
  • /unwhitelist @username
    • Remove a user's whitelist status. Removes the privileges afforded to the user by whitelisting them.
  • /report
    • Reply to a user's post with /report to notify the admin about the post. Any user in the chat can use the /report command.

Optional Parameters:
  • @username
    • The user you want to take action upon. Reply-to's take precedence over this parameter.
  • duration
    • Durations are expressed as Number(m|h). Example durations: 1m (1 minute), 1h (1 hour).
  • reason
    • Reason for taking the action. This will be visible from the dashboard.

Message Actions

Reply to messages with these commands to take some action upon a message:

  • /del
    • Deletes a message.
  • /spam
    • Reports a message as spam and deletes a message. Reported spam are fed into Chainfuel's spam detection system.

Chained Actions

You may also chain commands together:

  • /spam /ban inappropriate content
    • Reports a message as spam, deletes the message, then bans the user.
  • /del /tmute 24h inappropriate content
    • Deletes the message and then temporarily mutes the user for one day (24 hours).

Karma Points

Visit this page for information on bot commands that can be used with the Karma points.