How to Use Admin Commands

Admin commands empowers you to quickly take action upon a user or message through slash commands.

Only admins are allowed to do these commands. Regular users with non-administrative privileges will have their message deleted by the bot.

User Actions

Reply directly to a message or @mention the user to take action upon a user.

  • /warn reason
    • Set number of warnings in the Anti-Spam module before permanently muting or banning.
  • /unwarn reason
    • Resets a user's warnings to 0.
  • /mute @username duration reason
    • Mutes a user. If duration is specified, the user will be unmuted after the duration period.
  • /unmute @username
    • Unmutes a user.
  • /ban @username duration reason
    • Bans a user. If a duration is specified, the user will be unbanned after the duration period. 
  • /unban @username
    • Unbans a user.
  • /whitelist @username
    • Whitelists a user. Whitelisted users are not subject to any restrictions set in the anti-spam settings. 
  • /unwhitelist @username
    • Remove a user's whitelist status. Removes the privileges afforded to the user by whitelisting them.

Optional Parameters:
  • @username
    • The user you want to take action upon. Reply-to's take precedence over this parameter.
  • duration
    • Durations are expressed as Number(m|h). Example durations: 1m (1 minute), 1h (1 hour).
  • reason
    • Reason for taking the action. This will be visible from the dashboard.

Message Actions

Reply to messages with these commands to take some action upon a message:

  • /del
    • Deletes a message.
  • /spam
    • Reports a message as spam and deletes a message. Reported spam are fed into Chainfuel's spam detection system.

Chained Actions

You may also chain commands together:

  • /spam /ban inappropriate content
    • Reports a message as spam, deletes the message, then bans the user.
  • /del /tmute 24h inappropriate content
    • Deletes the message and then temporarily mutes the user for one day (24 hours).